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Nilo J Sanchez & Associates represents clients in a variety of divorce and family law matters. If you are need of a family law attorney in Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Brandon, Lutz in Hillsborough County and throughout Pasco & Pinellas County, FL.

If you're considering hiring a Tampa family law attorney, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who specializes in Florida family law to represent you. Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates is an Avvo™ top rated Tampa divorce lawyer who believes that nothing is more important than your family. Choosing the best divorce attorney in Tampa can be challenging. Attorney Sanchez & Associates strive to provide individualized and caring representation for your family law needs. For over two decades, Attorney Sanchez has been committed to his clients and their families, providing sound legal counsel. This is crucial to obtaining favorable long term results in any family law matter.

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Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates has a proven track record in all areas of Family Law in Tampa Bay. When you're searching for Family Law Attorneys in Hillsborough County, Florida, finding the best attorney to suit your needs can seem challenging. Attorney Sanchez is committed to creating legal strategies that are results-oriented with goals to assist you in making choices that will ultimately be in the best interest of your and your loved ones. Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates represent clients in a variety of family law matters including; divorce (dissolution of marriage) child custody, parental relocation, child support, alimony and asset distribution. Attorney Sanchez is highly motivated and experienced, particularly in high conflict family matters such as contested divorces, high asset divorces and all types of divorce, alimony and time sharing modifications.

Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Nilo J. Sanchez represents clients in a variety of family law matters with a focus on contested divorce and high asset divorces. Our law firm can help you to establish legal paternity, establish or modify timesharing or when you need representation in a parental relocation with a child case in Tampa Bay we have the experience you need.

If you have received a petition for dissolution of marriage and would like to consult with a divorce attorney in Tampa please reach out to us. Our law firm represents clients in numerous jurisdictions in Tampa Bay. This means when you want a top rated family law attorney in Pinellas County or if you're divorcing in Pasco County, Florida we have beneficial experience in these jurisdictions.
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Areas of Practice in Family Law

Nilo J. Sanchez is a Tampa Family Law Attorney, practicing in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County, Florida.  Attorney Sanchez has decades of experience and is familiar with the family courts in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pasco County. If you are searching for a Tampa divorce attorney who represents both men and women in contested and non-contested divorces. Attorney Sanchez is a seasoned Tampa divorce & family law mediator and skilled litigator. Call the law office of Nilo J Sanchez and Associates today for help with a variety of family law matters such as divorce, alimony, establishing paternity, setting, amending or enforcing child support or if you require legal advice or representation for custody or time sharing matters.

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Simple Divorce or High Conflict Divorce &
Complex Family Law Matters

From simple divorces to high conflict divorces and family law matters, Attorney Sanchez has the skill, focus and experience needed to ensure the very best possible outcome. Alimony, division of property and assets (equitable distribution) child custody, time sharing and child support are matters that must be settled in a Florida divorce. Hiring a Tampa Family law attorney who can both skillfully mediate or, if your case goes to trial, aggressively litigate your case is recommended. If you would like more information or to consult with Tampa Bay family law attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates to represent you in Hillsborough , Pasco or Pinellas County, Florida, please call 813-879-4600 today.

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Florida Divorces

In the State of Florida, divorce is governed under Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes. In order to obtain a divorce, one of the parties to the marriage must reside in the State of Florida for six months before filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Additionally, to obtain a divorce, the court must find that the marriage is irretrievably broken or that one of the parties has been adjudged to be incapacitated for a preceding period of at least three years. There are many issues that may arise when a party seeks to obtain a divorce. For instance, the following issues may be present in a divorce case: 1.Children Issues 2.Alimony 3.Distribution of Assets and Debts 4.Attorney’s Fees

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Florida divorces, Florida Statutes
Equitable Distribution

In a divorce case, the court is required to set apart to each spouse the spouse’s non-marital assets and liabilities and is required to distribute marital assets and liabilities between the parties. In general, a marital asset is one that was acquired during the course of the parties’ marriage and a marital liability is, in general, a liability that was also acquired during the course of the parties’ marriage. The distribution of assets and debts is governed by Florida Statute 61.075

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Alimony & Divorce
In a divorce case, a party may claim alimony from the other party.  Alimony is a form of financial support that one party seeks from the other.  In general, alimony is dependent upon the length of marriage, the financial need of the parties and the financial abilities of the parties. Contact Nilo Sanchez & Associates, divorce lawyer in Tampa to schedule a consultation to determine if you may be entitled to alimony in your divorce case.
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Shared Parental Responsibility and Child Custody
When minor children are present in Florida divorce cases, the court is required to determine the type of parental responsibility that shall apply. The court can order the parties to have shared parental responsibility, which means that the parents shall have an equal say in major matters pertaining to the children such as educational, medical, religion and other significant matters pertaining to the children. It is now fairly customary that for Judges to order 50/50 timesharing, however, there are circumstances where the courts might rule otherwise.

Our Tampa Family law firm will assist you in obtaining results that are in the best interest of your family with regards to timesharing and custody matters.

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Attorney’s Fees and Costs

In a divorce case, the court has the authority to award attorney’s fees and costs to one party. To determine whether one party is entitled to Attorney’s Fees and Costs from the other party, the court , in general, looks to the financial abilities and need between the parties. Seeking an experienced divorce lawyer in Tampa is crucial to the success and final outcome of your divorce case. If you would like more information about our Tampa family law practice, divorce attorney fees and our consultation fees, please contact us by calling 813-879-4600. - Learn More About Family Law Attorney Fees and Costs.

Important Information Regarding the Hiring of a Tampa Divorce Lawyer

The hiring of a Divorce lawyer in Tampa, Florida is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. This website is not intended to provide any legal advice and you should not rely on this website for legal advice. Any statutes or other laws that are mentioned on this website may not have been updated recently and, therefore, the information on this website may not be the most current information available. Sanchez & Associates, P.A. does not give legal advice except during formal consultation and/or after an individual signs a written retainer agreement and and becomes a client of the Firm.

Have You Been Served With a Petition for Divorce in Pasco County, Florida?

If you have been served with a petition for divorce or other family law lawsuit, it may be in your best interest to contact us. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates are conveniently locted so when you need the best family law attorney in Pasco County for you, please contact us as soon as possible. To schedule a thorough consultation with an an experienced Tampa Divorce & Family Law Lawyer, please call 813-879-4600 to discuss your case.


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