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    Enforcement Orders

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    Once a final judgment has been entered in your Florida divorce case, the order can be subject to the enforcement powers of the court.

    Child Support - If child support was ordered and you former spouse or parent who is ordered to pay support does not do so, you can file a motion to enforce child support with the courts. Child support enforcement is necessary when you are not receiving the help you need to support your children. Other similar areas that may need to be enforced by the courts would be medical costs or healthcare, childcare costs or other financial matters ordered by the courts regarding the children's financial needs. Parents who avoid paying their child support or other obligations set forth by the courts and who ignore the court orders can be sentenced to jail, ordered to pay fines, have their licenses suspended or even their assets garnished for the money they owe. If you are not receiving your court ordered child support or other monies ordered by the court from your spouse or parent of your children, please contact Nilo J Sanchez & Associates for a consultation. If you have been served with an enforcement motion, it is crucial that you are prepared to defend against lawsuit that is being filed against you.

    Timeshare Enforcement - Sometimes a parent may not wish to comply with a timeshare order by refusing the ordered timesharing to the former spouse or non-custodial parent. A parent who is not following the final order with regards to timeshare may be ordered to do so by the courts. A motion for enforcement or contempt order should be filed against that party and with the Florida court that has jurisdiction in your case. Alternatively, the non-custodial parent may not be exercising their visitation or timesharing as set forth on the parenting plan. This is generally not in the best interest of the children. Child support is in part calculated by the amount of timesharing the payee has with the children, so if that parent doesn't show up for his ordered timeshare, this puts some financial burden on the custodial parent. Schedule a consultation with Tampa divorce lawyer, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates to determine if filing an order to enforce timeshare would be in the best interest of your family.

    Alimony - Making alimony payments can be a sore subject for those who have been ordered to pay it and often times, former spouses simply refuse to pay court ordered alimony. The courts order alimony based on specific findings and presume that the receiving party was in need of alimony, post divorce. If you were ordered to pay durational alimony, rehabilitative alimony or even permanent alimony, it is important that you pay it as ordered. If you are unable to pay, you should consult with a Tampa alimony attorney to see if filing a supplemental petition for modification of alimony would be feasible. If you are not receiving your court ordered alimony or, if you have been served with a Motion for Contempt or enforcement of alimony, please contact our Tampa family law office as soon as possible at (813)879-4600.

    Division of Property - If your final divorce order included the division of property and you have not received it as ordered, filing a motion to enforce and comply may be necessary. There are options that our family law firm can discuss with you with regards to collecting what was ordered to you by the courts. Another option is to utilize a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to seize the funds directly from the defaulting party’s retirement account if applicable. If you would like to learn more about initiating an enforcement action or you have been served with a motion for enforcement regarding the division of property, please contact our Tampa family law firm for a consultation.


  • Chapter 61.14 - Enforcement and modification of support, maintenance, or alimony agreements or orders.

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